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Premarital Preparation

Marriage preparation and relationship coaching

Deacon Dennis and Elizabeth with Mary Jo and Jeff at wedding

Why should a couple do premarital preparation?

Studies have shown that couples who have attended premarital counseling are more likely to work through difficult times in their relationship and find normal married life to be more enjoyable.

What is the cost for premarital preparation?

Trained professional counseling is valued between $75 - $120/ hr. We meet with couples for a minimum of four, two-hour sessions. If a couple can contribute beyond the suggested donation it helps to defray the cost for those in need.

Deacon Dennis and Elizabeth with Lisa and Jeff at wedding

What is Taught?

  • How to share what is in the mind and heart
  • How differences grow relationships
  • How to say what you mean and mean what you say
  • How to manage distractions
  • How to assist your spouse in wholeness