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Marriage Counseling

Making a marriage work is not easy!

You know that your marriage is in trouble when the three "T" are missing.

  • quality time together
  • life giving talk
  • meaningful touch

Why do couples seek counseling?

Couples often seek counseling when they feel misunderstood, frustrated or deeply hurt. Some may feel a profound sense of sadness in their relationship. Often these feelings are not new, but have been festering for years.

What is the cost for marriage counseling?

Trained professional counseling is valued between $75 - $120 hour. We meet with couples for a minimum of three sessions that last between two and three hours. If a couple can contribute beyond the suggested donation it helps to defray the cost for those in need.

What does a session look like?

Most couples come to a minimum of three sessions that last between two and three hours. In spiritual counseling there are no set rules. Counselors will never take sides. The goal of the counselor is to understand both partners and to help them develop effective ways to communicate with each other. Every couple has redeeming qualities. Many times it is up to the counselor to help them rediscover those qualities and strengths. Often it is these qualities and strengths upon which a new foundation of communication can be built. Finally, helping couples learn how to listen to each other and to seek realistic solutions to their conflicts is a central responsibility of family and marital counseling.


We have prepared hundreds of couples for marriage and counseled many couples who were in the midst of crisis in their marriage. We have studied many ways to help ourselves and couples live a life full of love and happiness. We are not certified counselors, however we have fifty years of married life experience.