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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions that are often asked in regards to our ministries.

Is there a charge for service?

We operate on free will donations. Many have asked for a guideline for a free will offering.  There is no charge. Our services are free. People still want guidelines and this is what we offer as a guideline: simply donate your hourly wage. Professional persons allow us to work with those who are unemployed. We meet three to four times for Marriage Preparation and each session is about two hours. When we give a conference we do ask that you provide transportation, meals and lodging and we will take up an offering at each session.

Where and when are you available for ministry?

We are located in Southwest St. Louis County. Please contact us for an appointment by using the link below. We are willing to make home visits if there is a need.

Is Genesis Ministry a 501c3 organization?

Yes all donations are tax deductable.

How do I make a donation?

Presently mail them to Genesis Ministry, 1269 Cottagemill Dr, Manchester, MO 63021

Often we hear about the Holy Spirit but seldom do people speak about the presence of God, the Holy Spirit in everyday life. Why is that? Is God the Holy Spirit active in our individual lives? Is the Holy Spirit active in our communities?

Our answer is "Yes". God is active in our lives and in our communities when we are open to the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Often we are asked to explain the powerful gifts of the Holy Spirit.

We like to use this illustration:
Take a glass of whole milk. Drink from it. God made milk wholesome. God made milk good for the body. We are like milk. God made each of us good, in fact very good, according to the book of Genesis. We receive the Holy Spirit at our Baptism. Then pour chocolate syrup into the milk. This chocolate syrup is like the Holy Spirit, which is poured into our life at Baptism. Holding up the glass, taste the milk, and notice that it still tastes the same and looks the same. What needs to happen? The obvious response is that it needs to be stirred up. Then stir up the chocolate until it becomes chocolate milk. Taste it and notice that is now sweeter and looks different, just as life changes when the Holy Spirit is stirred up in us. We prefer chocolate milk to white milk, just as we prefer the Holy Spirit active in our lives.

So how do we stir up the Holy Spirit in our life?

(Before the Spirit is stirred up)
Take a blank paper and draw a large circle on it. Then write "ME" in the center of the circle. Inside the circle add things that you are involved in like; money, power, prestige, possessions, sports, friends, family, etc. Because you are in the center then you decide how you will spend your time, your money, how you will be with your friends, your family, how you play sports, how you like power, prestige, and possessions. After all you have the right to choose.

(How to stir up the Spirit)
Take another piece of blank paper and draw a circle. This time put a cross in the center, which represents Christ. Then put the same items in the circle, which were in the first circle. This time ask Jesus how you should spend your time, your money, how you should act with your friends, family, sports. Ask Jesus what to do with power, prestige, and possessions. What we have found in doing this is that life is simpler. That the Holy Spirit can now use us to give the gifts to the people God loves so deeply. We find that there is power in life to love when we couldn't love before.

What would happen if we didn't keep the chocolate stirred up? The obvious answer is that it would settle down to the bottom again. This is true with the spiritual gifts. If we don't keep Jesus at the center of our life the power of the Holy Spirit will become dormant in our life and the gifts will diminish.

Concluding then:
If you want to have a sweeter, greater tasting life put Jesus at the center of every decision you make. Put Jesus at the center of every relationship you have and we guarantee that you will experience the power and gifts of the Holy Spirit. Your life will never be the same with Jesus at the center of life.

What is Theophostic Prayer?

Theo (God) Phos (light) is a divinely powerful and thoroughly biblical approach in ministry. Some emotionally hurting people from all walks of life, with all manner of emotional woundedness have the potential to experience accelerated healing as truth replaces lies, freeing them from life long emotional/psychological pain. It is not a spin-off of any other traditional approach to counseling or any other accelerated form of therapy. Theophostic prayer believes a person's emotional pain is a consequence of their believing lies (misinterpretations) rooted in memory state. The key to Theophostic's effectiveness is its ability to quickly identify the original lie and lead the wounded person to experience healing.